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Techguy911 is a PC Repair Specialist serving New Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Lutz, Zephyrhills, and surrounding areas. We service all brands of Microsoft Windows based PC's and laptops.

Data Backup & Recovery



The question is not IF your hard drive will fail...The question is WHEN?

The simple fact is, all hard drives fail! In most cases, they fail without warning, possibly taking all of your irreplaceable data with it. All your documents, music, school reports, photos of the kids and grandkids, emails and all other files can be taken from you in an instant.

Here are some facts regarding data loss:

  1. Approximately 2 million laptops are lost or stolen each year - Only 2% are ever recovered
  2. 50% of PC users have accidentally deleted an important file
  3. Service fees for data recovery from failed hard drives often start at $1000.00 depending on the type of failure. 

If you are currently experiencing a possible hard drive failure, it is vital to stop using it and seek professional assistance before causing more damage which can lead to permanent loss of your vital data.

Techguy911 can also help you set up a plan to help ensure that your data is safely and securely backed up so you never again have to worry about losing you treasures files and memories.


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