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Techguy911 is a PC Repair Specialist serving New Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Lutz, Zephyrhills, and surrounding areas. We service all brands of Microsoft Windows based PC's and laptops.

PC Repair FAQ's

PC Repair FAQ's

PC Repair Frequently Asked Questions...

Techguy911 understands that when your computer needs to be serviced, you may have certain questions or concerns about our PC repair process. Below are some answers to some of the most common questions you may have regarding the repair of your computer. Of course, if you have any other questions, feel free to ask anytime.




  • Why do you have to take my computer to fix it?

    • While Techguy911 does offer on-site and remote support services, these are generally used for more routine repairs and check-ups and are charged on an hourly basis. More major services such as virus and malware removals, OS repairs and hardware upgrades require more time and more controlled procedures in controlled environments, including, above all, backup and protection of your computers data. Most off-site repairs are performed at a flat rate cost making the repairs more affordable for the customer and allows us to perform a much more complete and thorough service. 
  • How long will it take to repair my computer?

    • Most repairs take 2-3 days to complete. There are situations where the repairs may take longer such as when parts have to be ordered. Techguy911 strives to only use high quality, often original equipment replacement parts and not use cheap, knock-off, low quality parts that will only fail in a short amount of time. These parts are not always readily available, especially for older computers so it may take some time to source the proper replacement parts.
  • How much will it cost to repair my computer?

    • This is tough to answer until we have had a chance to fully evaluate the issues you are having with your computer and what it will take to bring it back to full working order. When we schedule our free initial consultation with you, we will take the time to ask you about the problems you are currently experiencing with your computer and what you expect to happen, then make an initial assessment of what needs to be done to make sure your computer performs as you expect it to and present you with an estimate of what the repair cost will be. There are rare times when the final invoice may be slightly higher due to unforeseen issues that surface during repairs, but Techguy911 will always contact you to authorize the additional charges prior to performing the additional work. Most repairs fall under our standard $129.00 flat rate service fee, plus any additional parts or services required.
  • Why shouldn't I just buy a new computer?

    • Part of the free initial consultation is to determine the best options for you and your computer needs. Sometimes, upgrading to a new computer system is the best option for you, and Techguy911 will be there to help make that upgrade process the best experience for you.  
  • Will I lose any of my documents, pictures or other data when you repair my computer?

    • The protection of your data is the FIRST priority at Techguy911. As long as your hard drive and data integrity are still in good shape, Techguy911 always begins every service with a complete backup of your system and data. If there is a problem with the data on your system, we will notify you of the problem and discuss the options you have going forward.
  • How did my computer get a virus?

    • Currently, there are over 150,000 new forms of viruses and malware released every single day. The most common ways they get into your system are through downloads of software from illegal download sites, vulnerabilities in your currently installed software, clicking on malicious links in emails or visiting a compromised website, even legitimate well known websites.  
  • How can I prevent my computer from getting infected in the future?

    • The best ways to protect your computer include:
      • Running a high quality virus/malware protection solution
      • Run as a standard user and not as an administrator
      • Ultimately, it comes down to the behavior of the users of the computer while surfing the Internet. 
      • Ensure you are running behind both a software and a hardware firewall
      • Keeping ALL of your installed software updated
      • Never clicking on links in emails unless you are absolutely sure you know the origins of the message
  • What is the best antivirus for my computer, preferably for free?

    • We all like free, right? As the saying goes...'You get what you pay for.' While there is no 100% guarantee with any anti-virus solution, the current state of virus and malware attacks on todays computer systems prompts Techguy911 to no longer recommend any of the free anti-virus products currently available. They simply do not offer the same quality of protection as paid products. When you pay for your anti-virus product, you get far better protection than what any of the free solutions offer. Techguy911 has created a comprehensive package of several products that, when combined with the other steps mentioned in an earlier question, we feel is the best protection solution for your computer system. 
  • I need to buy a new computer. What are your recommendations?

    • It's easy to run down do the store and pick up the cheapest computer on the shelf and say 'This is all I need for what I do on my computer.' I can almost guarantee you won't be happy after a few months and will end up frustrated with the performance of your system. Contact Techguy911 to schedule a free consultation and we will help you decide what computer best fits your needs.
  • Does Techguy911 build custom computers?

    • Absolutely. Techguy911 will build you a brand new system using only the highest quality hand picked parts and components, then hand assemble and set it up especially for your use. Contact Techguy911 for full details and a free consultation to start your custom build today. 
  • Do you repair cell phones and other portable devices?

    • Currently, Techguy911 does not repair mobile devices. However, we can help you to set up your mobile devices and help you learn the basics of using most mobile products. If you are in need of repair for a mobile device, we can help you find a repair service to fit your needs.
  • Do you repair Macintosh computers?

    • Techguy911 specializes in the repair of Microsoft Windows based PC's only. There are no plans to include Macintosh services anytime in the future.



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