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Techguy911 is a PC Repair Specialist serving New Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Lutz, Zephyrhills, and surrounding areas. We service all brands of Microsoft Windows based PC's and laptops.

Virus Removal

Virus Removal & Prevention


With over 75,000 new viruses, spyware and other malware files released in the wild EVERY DAY, it's getting harder and harder to keep your computer from falling victim to the onslaught of attacks that face users on the internet.

When you do find that your computer has become infected by malware, Techguy911 has the latest tools, techniques and knowledge to disinfect your PC and repair damage that has been done to your system to get it back in working order.

Then, we can help you prevent any future infections with today's best anti-virus protection software, updates to patch system and application vulnerabilities and, most importantly, the education to learn the best methods of safe internet usage to keep your system running clean and happy.


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